Therapeutic Studies Overview

Thank you for wanting to learn more about our areas of therapeutic studies.

The articles discussing the areas of therapeutic studies available on our website serve merely as introductions to a portion of the concepts being explored at Sonalkiss.  We’ve also included information about definitions, causes, effects, and other pertinent points of interest for each particular area of therapeutic study.  We hope you enjoy learning about the therapeutic studies that are being explored at Sonalkiss.  It is our hope that our efforts will also provoke a desire within to learn more than just the information we have made available and aid in spreading knowledge to others. 

Therapeutic studies is the one place where the culmination of all of our research in advanced fields of science merge into relevance.  The subjects we research are endlessly fascinating to explore and research independently. But to see the greater picture – the threads of all of these subject areas becoming interwoven into a fabric of rationale, thought & reason – this is where we get to see the fruits of our labors.  While therapeutic studies can consist of mindnumbing amounts of baselining efforts, trials, and failures – to see the successful results of our efforts in the form of quality-of-life improvements is truly our one, end-all-be-all goal.

Sonalkiss’s approach to therapeutic treatments is not just limited to processes alone, or even by the limits of pre-existing technology.  When a tool does not exist that could enable us to progress our research, we create it.  These tools can be in the form of physical devices, computer applications, or even in the development and programming of new data algorithms.  Sonalkiss is comprised of a core group of individuals who, beyond the medical and business acumen, are engineers, designers, and programmers.  In fact, our team has a unique quality in that all of our skill sets overlap in just a way so that truly any imaginable tool or resource desired can be created.  We have already created a number of physical devices used in our therapeutic studies.  Also, the mobile applications that we have made available on the AppStore for free, were actually created in an effort to improve our own specific, therapeutic research efforts. The availability of tools should not stand in the way of progressing knowledge and advancement.  This is why we create.  This is also why we make these tools freely available to others.

As our advancement progresses, therapeutic plans materialize for public consumption, and the tools we create are made available for consumers and professionals alike, it is our hope that the result of our efforts will bring warmth within the communities we affect.  We believe that the vast amount of trials, variables & testing required to achieve the necessary, quantifiable results will require the assistance of additional, like-minded individuals and companies working for the same cause.  We cannot solve all of the problems that we are targeting alone, but we will definitely give it our best.  Even if the information gleaned from us or by us through additional researchers utilizing our common principles were to result in just a springboard for new thoughts and ideas, we at least were able to help create that platform to take the next leap.  We look forward to working with the community and seeing the evolution of our therapeutic studies positively affect those most in need.

Let’s push the boundaries of therapeutic advancement together.