“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo DaVinci

The greatest challenge a designer will ever face is making an incredibly intricate and complex design appear simple. In truth, simplicity is the hardest feat to ever achieve – and, at surface level, it seems contradictory to its own, very definition.  But, by this very definition our lives and everything around us exemplify the denouement of grand design. Everyday, we are blessed to witness the greatest gallery of simplicity all around us.  In short, every complex composition at the root of nature is crafted from a core set of geometric principles steeped in the art of sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is an often misunderstood name for a very ancient form of geometry which is evidenced in biology.  Many people immediately shy away at  just hearing the term, which is why we have chosen to coin the term biogeometry.  In actuality, biogeometry is a much better description for this form of geometry because nature and all things living and breathing are architected through many of these geometric principles.  Most people are familiar with the irrational numbers PI and PHI (also known as the golden mean), but few actually understand the significance in nature of these two numbers.  From the formation of a nautilus shell to the scales on a pine cone, these two numbers are the basis of every naturally occurring or biological entity. Many people would dismiss this concept, but if you are a doubter, we would challenge you to look around and choose an object to explore the properties of. We are positive you will find PI and PHI to be at the very heart of the objects very existence.  Even a baby as it forms in the womb of a mother begins its growth in the very same way as a nautilus shell takes shape. However, a baby – a biological entity – is infinitely more complex and infinitely more intricate in design. But these very intricacies are designed around these magical numbers as well.  It begins at the cellular level and multiplies all the way through the ratio of our bone structure, our neurological pathways, our organs, our very features that make us unique. But even as unique as each person appears to be, everyone is formed the exact same way, by the exact same laws and principles.

DNA – the very blueprint of our existence is a spiraling double helix – a structure that would not be able to exist without the foundations of biogeometry.  The spiraling double helix is created by a twisting ratio of amino acids that exemplify the golden ratio.  Even tornados, hurricanes and storms are all spiraling vortexes created from the numbers PI, PHI and a few additional geometric principles.  While we would invite each of you to read indepth dissertations on biogeometry (sacred geometry), this writing is merely meant to serve as an introduction to the topic so we will not digress too much on these other topics.  With that said, there are a few important terms that are critical to understand in additional research.  The first two, as previously discussed, are PI and PHI. Additionally, we would invite you to explore the concept of the Fibonacci Sequence and the Pythagorean theorum,  Pythagoras will be at the heart of many of the topics in sacred geometry. Plato, DaVinci, Tesla, Franklin, Edison and Einstein will also all appear during your research – either by their exposure of the founding principles, or by their advancement of these principles.  Most of the advancements society has made over the last several hundred years would not be possible without understanding the foundations of this form of geometry.

Probably the most important term to understand in biogeometry is the Flower of Life (fleur de lis).  Undoubtedly, you have probably seen designs similar to the image to the bottom-right of the 19 interlocking circles. This design is used throughout cathedrals, artwork, stained glass designs and even the design of the pyramids. The flower of life is created with nothing more than a compass and a straight edge. With this design (especially when visulaized in 3d), every platonic solid can be formed as well as Metatron’s cube (the theoretical explanation of multidimesion theory and gravity). Basically every structure to life can be formed from this pattern. We invite you to explore this term and enjoy the fruits that all of the additional quests will uncover as you learn more about this subject.   Metatron’s cube and platonic solids are incredibly fascinating subjects in their own rights.

Many people will shy away from exploring all of the principles and concepts in biogeometry, but honestly these principles are the foundation for nearly every scientific, technological and medical advancement made in the last century.  Popular religions, especially Catholicism (the Vatican in particular), have made concerted efforts to suppress the principles of sacred geometry and prevent widespread understanding and acceptance. The reasoning for the suppression is not a topic that we will discuss in this introduction, but suffice to say it is why DaVinci had to encode many of the core principles in his paintings and art – though we are not talking about Dan Brown’s interpretation in the DaVinci Code. The suppression is also, in part, why the Freemasons and Order of the Easter Star exist. The good news is that mainstream acceptance of the principles of biogeometry are making it easier to obtain grants and outside funding for scientific advancements. At Sonalkiss, biogeometry is at the heart of every single venture we take.  After all, why would we dismiss the very principles of our physical existence when all we have to do is look around and see it in every facet of our lives?  We hope you enjoy exploring everything there is to learn about biogeometry.