Happenchance and beautiful grand design

Our Philosophy

Life is an inspiration.  We are the canvas.  Each interaction in our daily lives is yet a new pigment used to compose the paintings of our own unique biological compositions.  Every individual is a work in progress.  Every person has their own unique, genetic fingerprint – constantly evolving, constantly adapting.

It is on that very premise that Sonalkiss has predicated its business.  We are a group of passionate individuals seeking to unravel the mysteries of some of science’s toughest challenges.  Humans are all comprised of the same core physiological and empyral concepts tailored to our own genetically-unique compositions.  Simply put, our DNA holds a unique blueprint that our minds & bodies interpret for survival in the world we live in.  Sometimes our DNA isn’t perfect, which opens the door to illnesses such as Autism, Parkinsons, autoimmune disease, et cetera. But at Sonalkiss, we believes that through a melding of sonal, electromagnetic, biogeometric and pharmacological principles & technologies, we can provide significant advances in genetically-tailored, therapeutic treatments for many neurological and autoimmune diseases.  We are just on the cusp of unveiling some truly amazing advances.

Our Vision

“To accomplish the unthinkable; to attain the unreachable; these concepts are clear within our grasp.  To understand that science is only defined by those that have sought to define it so far, and that it will continue to be defined by the creative and determined minds of our present and future – let’s be part of that imagination and those new defining moments that will positively affect the health and well-being of our future mankind.”

At Sonalkiss, we are striving to understand, accomplish, and succeed in the fields of science that have yet to be defined through current scientific methodology.  There is a distinct difference between the approach of Western science and Eastern science – both of which are extreme in and of themselves. Somewhere in-between the two, Sonalkiss has found a unique place where faith-seeking-reason and reason-seaking-faith interconnect.  It is here that some of the most marvelous discoveries of our generation will succeed where others have not had the courage to tread.