Our Story that is greater than our's alone

A journey into our mind’s eye.

With any innovation, comes great will and determination to succeed in areas where others have yet to find success or stake claim.  But with that great will and determination, one critical attribute often becomes overlooked and long forgotten during the quest for success.  That attribute is faith.  Nothing could ever be possible without believing in a cause.  And nothing ever remarkable will ever be possible without the removal of inner ego and placing acceptance of all possible outcomes in the hands of our Creator.

This is where our story begins – not at the point of inception for Sonalkiss, but instead at the point of acceptance in our place in this world as vehicles and messengers; not as great thinkers and creators.  In truth, Sonalkiss was conceived long before any of our team realized it or even understood how our paths would one day lead us to this point.  Sonalkiss began when our individual curiosities and passions led us to begin studying music, anthropology, philosophy, biology, programming, martial arts, etc.  On the surface, many may not see how Sonalkiss began there, but that is all part of the beauty in the master plan.  For in each of these areas of study, our minds thrived on understanding every grain of information that could be consumed.  It is within all of the granularity of information, that our paths would inevitably be led to collide.

Our paths led us to a point of intersection.  That point of intersection would not have effloresced into Sonalkiss without each of us having come to our own personal acceptance in understanding the master plan.  It is safe to say that each of us at some point once felt fully in control of our lives.  But, control is just an illusion – a tricky illusion that is probably one of the hardest concepts to ever fully understand.  Once a person finds understanding that they are only in control of how they handle interactions of their own mind & body with the spirit (MB-S), then the greater picture can begin to take shape.  That picture – for what is worth, is not always what we expect, but will always have purpose.  Acceptance & fulfillment in that purpose is when we are in harmony with the greater plan.  It is that harmony in purpose that the team at Sonalkiss recognized and knew could not go unacknowledged and unfulfilled.

That brings us to today – the convergence of  multiple paths into one point wherein purpose and understanding of the greater plan was recognized.  Each of our team members found peace in understanding that our collective interests and backgrounds (divinely brought together in a way that even we struggle to wrap our minds around) could help reshape the quality of life for those suffering from neurological & autoimmune disorders.  Each member brings a unique aspect and insight to the collective mind at Sonalkiss.  It is within our collective mind that we find the confidence to step outside the bounds of traditional Western science and freely explore the uncharted areas of science where rules have yet to be written and laws have been unable to be defined.  Within this uncharted territory, we have found a unique place where Eastern science and Western science interconnect.  This point of interconnection is one of the most profound areas that we have been blessed to discover and begun to incorporate in our therapeutic studies.  We are just scratching the surface of this newfound knowledge, but are already seeing tremendous results from what we do understand.

Our mission to bring therapeutic advancements to those suffering from neurological disorders and autoimmune disease are grandiose in concept, but in actuality, are already beginning to be achieved in the labs at Sonalkiss.  The coming years will reveal truly revolutionary advancements and bring peace to those suffering and struggling from the confines of these disorders.  It is our hope that you will share this journey with us, share our story with others, and help us grow in harmony with the greater plan.

From our collective mind to yours,

 Believe in the Unseen.