Microbiology is our vehicle for relevance.

At Sonalkiss, we have found a unique place where traditional Western and Eastern scientific approaches interconnect.  While these approaches vary greatly, the unique point of interconnection is in how we stage the presentation of our progress and results.  We understand that we would never be able to introduce relevance into the medical and scientific communities by way of qualifiable results alone.  Our results have to be quantifiable. 

Regardless of how amazing our advancements in neurological and autoimmune therapeutic studies may become, the results that we would love to scream out from the rooftops with trumpets blaring boldly in ensemble, would easily fall within the category of intangible if it were not for our foresight in determining how to ascertain quantifiable results from the beginning stages of our research.  In fact, the heart of everything we do at Sonalkiss is founded on the principle of quantifiable results.  This includes baselining everything from genomes to EEG results in every possible state of mind and testing environment.  In fact, baselining is probably more cumbersome than the actual field testing alone.  But, by taking the time to collect all of this information at the beginning, we are able to prove in the most controlled manner, just how quantifiable our results truly are.

In the center of all of our baselining and testing, microbiology finds it’s home.  Microbiology can be defined as the biology of microscopic organisms – or life too small to be seen with the naked eye. Microbiology covers several disciplines, including virology (study of viruses), bacteriology (study of bacteria), mycology (study of fungi), and parasitology (study of parasites). Each of these disciplines may include, but is not limited to, studies of infectious disease-causing microorganisms.  Additionally, the study of genomics (our DNA) would not be possible if it were not for microbiology.

The majority of our research involves tracking biological changes in our cellular structures, genomes, pathogens, etc.  Without the ability to see all of the micro-biological components of life, we would be unable to quantify results from any of our experimental research.  In many of our experiments, we test on a cellular level first – so, even the testing phase would not be possible in these scenarios.  Overall, microbiology is the vehicle that we use at Sonalkiss to test, record, and analyze the results of the majority of our experiments.  In fact, the very usage of microbiology is so commonplace for us that it almost became an afterthought of including it as an area of research in our documentation.  However, in thinking through all of our processes, our research, and determining how to introduce Sonalkiss to those that may not understand the science of what we do, we realized that nothing could be more important to understanding Sonalkiss than to understand that everything we do would not be possible without a microscope and analysis of our biological compositions.

Our discussion on microbiology here is merely meant to cover the basics on how we utilize this particular field of study.  It is also important to understand that people dedicate their lives to this very subject and that our intention is not to lessen its importance. In fact, the intention is to strengthen its significance and help promote the advancements in this field of study.  Without microbiology, nearly all advancements in biological sciences would never be possible.