Research Overview

Thank you for wanting to learn more about our areas of research.

The articles discussing the areas of research available on our website serve merely as introductions to a portion of the concepts being utilized at Sonalkiss.  We hope you enjoy learning about some of these more interesting concepts that are being explored at Sonalkiss.  It is also our hope that these topics will provoke a desire within to learn more than just the information we have made available.  

Throughout history, mankind has searched for reason; for rationale; for a sense of purpose; for a justification of its very existence.  As researchers, philosophers, and scientists alike have combed through every available text – stories of which predate the known modern era of mankind – the same goal has remained: to uncover the answer to the fundamental question, why?  Our history is steeped in mystery and intrigue.  Science is also an enigma unto itself. We are all raised to believe – to take as fact – the information we learn about science and history.  But the truth is that the information we are taught to accept as truth is really just a compilation of the most widely-accepted answers to the questions they seek to answer.  The most powerful tool of control is the foreknowledge of, and subesquent supression of, the truth – whatever the truth may hold the answer to. This statement is not meant to invoke thoughts of stigma, dogma or mystique.  But the statement is intended to provoke the inner Indiana Jones and invoke desire to uncover the inconceivable, to prove the improbable, to unveil the very information that has been suppressed from mainstream availability.  But most importantly, to strengthen awareness of everything around us.

Almost everyone and every company is concerned about self-preservation – which is to be understood.  But self-preservation is also the root cause to a lack of innovation, and lack of progress in uncovering the knowledge needed to better mankind.  In all actuality, self-preservation is a selfish act wherein the person or company clearly acknowledges their own misguided intentions.  For every cause, there is an effect. Self-preservation is the acknowledgement of ego and the subsequent recognition of the negative implications attributed to ego.   It is the removal of this ego that we at Sonalkiss have chosen to demonstrate in our cause, so that there may be positive effects rippling throughout the scientific and medical community.  We believe that our transparent nature of uncovering scientific & medical truths, or even uncovering small tipping points that enable others to make their own advancements is truly the biggest contribution we can make.

Will there be some negative kickback as a result? Sure. Someone or some entity may take advantage of or denounce the information we make available for their own personal gain.  But we also believe that the more awareness and advancements that we can share with the community, the more likely the return on the investment of our efforts will come back around to us.  Whether the return is in our ability to continue to be able to do what we do, or witnessing our contributions help just one person’s health and well-being among the billions on earth – the journey will have been well worth it in every aspect.  We are here on this earth to serve as contributors, and in doing so, hope to aid in the advancement of mankind.  Please enjoy the information we have made available and we hope that this is just the start of an amazing intellectual, physiological, and empyral journey for you.

Enjoy the journey.