A Message from the founder

Everything is connected.

It is a simple phrase that has been uttered since the dawn of man. Somehow even our most ancient of ancestors were able to acknowledge the existence of an underlying fabric to life – a fabric so rich and so deep that the very concept is often hard, if not nearly impossible, to fully comprehend.  This fabric can be seen in every aspect of nature from the nautilus shell to the pattern of scales on a pine cone; the petals on a yellow chamomile to the spiraling of galaxies in the dawn of their creation.  Nature is a beautiful exhibition of the fundamental properties of our biological existence.


The palette to our existence is quite simply a handful of fundamental mathematical principles and 6 core elements.  From just that minimal palette, the entire universe and life as we know it has flourished in the wake of inconceivable odds – and that is what makes our lives beautiful.  However, to date, science has only explored a fraction of the possibilities regarding the underlying principles of life.  For the most part, Western science is content with backing into the fundamental principles and trying to prove *why* these principles exist.  Eastern science tends to acknowledge the principles, but then journeys off into some wild tangent that, while scientifically relevant, fails to explore some of the more important principles hovering at the core of our biology.  This polarization of scientific exploration is akin to the adage, “faith seeking reason” and “reason seeking faith.”  The truth is both approaches are important to scientific advancement.  But it is a niche somewhere in between this dichotomy of opposing approaches that Sonalkiss has founded the very principles defining its long-term business goals.  And maybe “business” is not necessarily the right term, because within that term is implied something of a financially-motivated intent.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ve founded Sonalkiss on the premise that the scientific and medical advancements we achieve will be openly available for other companies and individuals to build upon.  Sonalkiss was established as an LLC with the whole intention of protecting intellectual information from those who lose track of the good-willed intention of scientific & medical advancement.  Sonalkiss Foundation is also in the process of being established as a 501c3 non-profit organization to make available the medical advancements that Sonalkiss LLC achieves for the greater use of mankind.  As an example, one of our current efforts focuses on a new type of therapeutic treatment for autism.  The advancements are truly nothing short of revolutionary, but these advancements would not typically be available to the masses without some sort of financial burden – whether that burden were to occur by driving up the cost of healthcare or affecting out-of-pocket expenses for those that would benefit from the service the most.

So, therein lies the challenge of seeking revolutionary new advancements in the medical field while maintaining availability for the masses.  And while it may be counter-intuitive that we are making ground-breaking technological advancements that will be made widely available to the public for the least expense possible, that is truly our goal.  It is a win-win for everyone involved except those that are purely driven by financial gains.  I believe that everyone is entitled to a better life for those that seek it.  I also have to be a realist and acknowledge that someone will have to incur the financial burden of the advancements.  It is within this space that I have modeled our business to accept that burden and offer our advancements as openly as possible to the public.  Every donation, every grant, every source for funding is only accepted with the clear acknowledgement that the intention is global availability of scientific advancement primarily focused on overcoming the barriers within neurological and autoimmune disorders. There are a few surprises that we will announce along the way as well. But, honestly and most importantly, it is my heartfelt wish and intention that the financial barriers to these advancements we make will become a contribution to the betterment of mankind.




Founder & CEO