FAQ frequently asked questions

Question 4

There seem to be a lot of topics on the research tab that have nothing to do with modern science.  Is this really just esoteric, fringe, and holistic studies presented in a different way?

That is really a tough question. The short answer is no. While many of the topics on the research tab do flirt with and cross the boundaries of the fringe-science mantra, we assure you that every one of these topics hold proven, scientific significance to our studies.  It may not seem traditional – and may give you pause at first blush – but nothing traditional is ever revolutionary. You will just have to trust us on this one.

Question 7

What is the purpose of the mobile apps you’ve released?

While some people may not find our apps useful, we assure you that they hold a tremendous amount of relevance to those that understand how to harness their intended purpose.  We don’t expect everyone to understand today.  But eventually, over time, the concepts in the apps will become more resourceful as awareness increases over their content and intended usage.  We are not trying to hold out on information – it is just very complex to spell out in a few sentences. In short, inducing meditative states with certain tones opens the body to be receptive for all types of healing.