Binaural Frequencies

It is about tricking the brain into operating at lower frequencies.

The given understanding of binaural frequencies is that by playing two slightly different audible tones in stereo (one tone in the left ear and the other tone in the right ear) that the mind will subconsciously perceive the frequency difference and allow the brain to sync the speed at which it operates to the perceived frequency differential.  

To understand binaural tones, one must first understand just a little bit about how the brain functions.  Think of the brain sort of like a computer. All computers have a core processor that operates at a certain speed.  Usually this is one of the primary selling points of a computer – ie this computer operates at 3.6 Ghz.  Well, the brain is sort of like that processor.  When we are awake, the brain is operating at a certain speed – generally around 70hz.  When we are asleep, the brain slows down its functionality and operates at slower speeds.  In general, the brain slows down to as low as 4hz and up to 40hz depending on the sleep cycle.  Since scientists have studied sleep cycles and the brain’s operating frequency for as long as we have had devices to measure the brain, we are fortunate to have an indepth knowledge base of sleep cycles and their given operating frequencies.

So, let’s understand a little about sleep cycles next.  First, understand that through meditation, we are able to slow our minds down in a similar manner as falling asleep.  However, the key difference is that through meditation, we are able to remain aware that our body has fallen asleep and our mind has remained awake (also known as sleep paralysis).  This can allow for incredibly lucid “dreams,” heightened states of awareness, and can open ourselves to a more rich understanding of the world that surrounds us.  Our brains act identically when we are asleep as to a trained meditator’s mind in a deep state of meditation (that likely took years of practice to achieve).  The difference between the two methods is that during typical sleep, most people shut down awareness when the eyes begin to close, so most rarely remember the experiences that occur during sleep.  But even while we sleep, our brain is very active. We dream. We solve complex worldly problems. We revitalize our organs, our muscles, our minds. And usually when we awaken, we have no recollection of any of what happened during our sleep.

Our sleep cycles are defined as follows: During our delta state (<4hz) we experience deep dreamless sleep. During theta state (4-7hz), we experience deep meditation and NREM sleep. During alpha/mu state (7-13hz), we experience REM sleep and pre-awake/pre-asleep drowsiness.  These are the most important states with respect to binaural frequencies.  The phases in-between our brain’s awake operating frequency and those previously mentioned are generally associated with deep thinking, concentration and problem solving.

So how does all of this apply to our understanding of binaural frequencies??

Well when we listen to two slightly different tones entering our left and right ears, the brain perceives the mathematical difference between the two tones.  As an example, if the tone in the left ear is 300hz, and the tone in the right ear is 308hz, then the brain interprets the 8hz difference subconsciously and begins to slow down its own operating frequency to become closer to the 8hz differential.  To our ears, 300hz and 308hz are so close, most people won’t likely hear any difference between the two tones, though it is audible to a trained ear.  The difference is often perceived as a pulsing feeling rather than 2 different tones.  If we couple listening to binaural tones during a deep state of relaxation or meditation, we can control the operating state of our mind while remaining awake and conscious.  Think about being completely in control and aware of your actions during a dream.  It would seem to be a different reality than the one in which we live.  The possibilities are quite endless.

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