About The Founder

A Natural Order to Everything.

There are few people that can see the complexities in the most challenging  and discouraging of situations and consider them merely speed bumps along the way to an inevitable solution.  But, that is how J.W.Kerr (Jonathan Wayne Kerr) sees problems, how he sees data, how he sees life.  In regards to healthcare – one of the most complex industries today – he has been quoted as saying, “Healthcare isn’t complex. It is just intricate. Understanding all of the intricacies and how they interconnect is the easy part. There’s a natural order to everything.” And to his point in healthcare, his work validates and precedes him.

Abstract DNA

With over 17 years of healthcare and IT experience, Kerr has seen a uniquely successful rise to the top throughout the breadth of his still-emerging career. It would only seem unsurprising that his journey would eventually lead him beyond the healthcare data & analytics arena and into the arena of microbiology, genomics, quantum physics & therapeutic studies for neurological & autoimmune disorders – arguably the most challenging and complex fields of study in our modern era.

On September 6th, 2012, Kerr founded Sonalkiss LLC and Sonalkiss Foundation on the premise that the people most in need of solutions to complex neurological and autoimmune disorders should be able to receive access, treatments and achieve life-changing results without the financial burdens that currently plague the healthcare industry in the United States.  The more intriguing question, though, is why would Kerr found a company when the solutions to these complex disorders do not currently exist?

When asked that very question, Kerr just smiled and said, “Just be patient and you will see.”  Sure, it is an intriguing answer, but what could he have stumbled upon that the thousands of researchers and scientists today may have missed?  Or maybe that is not even the right way to look at his answer.  Maybe he is just doing what he has done throughout his career – creating solutions to complex problems while everyone else is still caught up in the details, the very intricacies that he seems so easily able to anatomize and understand.  Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain – his work has preceded him to date and there is no reason to think anything would be otherwise different in this situation.  We should all look forward to what the future holds – especially when minds like his are invested for all of the right reasons in such an important cause.



Jonathan Kerr founded Sonalkiss LLC on September 6th, 2012 as a biogeometric & sonalscience research company focused on developing therapeutic treatments for neurological and autoimmune disorders.  Coupled with Sonalkiss Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization, the pair of companies will be able to provide research, development and delivery of revolutionary new therapeutic treatments for those most in need without passing on the financial burden for those treatments and services to their recipients.  In addition to serving as founder and CEO of Sonalkiss & Sonalkiss Foundation, Kerr also served a three-year term on the Board of Directors for The Brown Center for Autism – a non-profit organization serving young children through six years who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

During the formation of Sonalkiss, Kerr served as a Partner for Vaco Technology in Brentwood, Tennessee. This position culminated a (then) fourteen-year rise in his healthcare & information technology career. Vaco Technology, a subsidiary of Vaco, LLC, is a Brentwood, Tennessee based staffing and consulting resources company with 29 locations nationwide is a recognized leader in the industry, consistently ranking among the most-admired consulting companies in the nation and best places to work.  As the company marked it’s 10th anniversary in 2012, Kerr was brought onboard to help shape a strategic vision that would serve as a catalyst for new business growth and transitional shifts in lines-of-business and product offerings. Among the significant trends in the industry, Kerr’s progressive and innovative work ethos has positioned Vaco Technology to maintain an edge over competitors in the fast-changing technology and healthcare sector.

Before being named as Partner at Vaco Technology, Kerr was founder of J9 Group – a Nashville-based technology solutions company (2010-2012). Kerr’s company was uniquely positioned to help new/startup companies develop business plans, produce interactive presentations for venture capital investment opportunities and create mobile proof-of-concept iOS applications. J9 Group also developed documentation for disaster recovery planning as well as created web-based software solutions for numerous clients in the southeast.

Kerr’s previous employment includes serving as Manager/Director of Medical Economics for HealthSpring of TN (from 2004 – 2010) where his primary initiatives in healthcare data architecture, analytics and information solutions helped a young company transition through the obstacles of the Sarbanes-Oxley process and grow from a privately held company to a publically traded entity on Wall Street.  Prior to HealthSpring, Kerr served as Director of IT for Morningstar Treatment Services (2003-2004), Manager of IS/IT for Bluegraphics (2002-2003) and Manager of Infrastructure for Last Call (1999-2002).